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 Rules of this forum

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PostSubject: Rules of this forum   Fri 24 Feb - 23:37

Hi and thank you for joining this forum. Please remember that this forum is a community where everyone as freedom of speech and beliefs so please read these rules in order to maintain a good atmosphere within this community.

Please start my presenting yourself in the Presentations/Introductions section so the members can know who you are. After that please read the rules so you can enter the community more easily.

Behavior within the forum

-The most important rule is: Please be respectful of each others. Don’t use bad language or insults. Contradiction in any healthy debate must be argued and not arrogant. No insults will be tolerated.

-Any racist remarks, pornography and insulting remarks will not be tolerated. If any of the members break this rule the administrators and moderators will have the right to censor a part or an entire message and in some cases ban temporarily the account of the user. If the bans persist the administrator will have the right to ban permanently the account.

-Any diffusion of messages with sectarian, racist or pornographics sayings inciting any member to join a group is completely forbidden. Any message public or private will be edited or deleted. Any abuse will result in banning the account of the owner. The administrator will have the right to contact any judicial authorities if they notice any malevolent behavior.

-Any troublemaker (origns of multiples en repeated disputes with other members or subject of complains from multiple other members to the administration) might be banned temporarily or permanently from the forum. If you have any problems with a member try and solve it by private messages with the person, if the problem persist contact a member of the staff.

-Publicity for your forum, site or blog is reglemented, send a proposition to an administrator via private messages.

The posts

-Language used in this forum is english. Contributions in other languages are accepted. Please use as much as you can good grammar and try not to make abbreviations. your messages must be clear and precise.

-Answer to posts from other members must be clear and complete: don’t answer with a word or a smiley.

-Please put clear and precise titles. It will be easier for the members to access informations in the search bar. So please give you topic title a link to the actual subject of your post.

-Please try to avoid multiple or double posts. Try not to use eye staining colors too much, default color is preferable. And finally is a document is not from you post the sources.

-When a member witness verbal abuse in private messages screen the conversation and send it to an admin. We will ban the account of the member.

If you accept the rules, welcome to this forum.
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Rules of this forum
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